Class Expectations

  • All Studios are CELL PHONE FREE, No Cell Phones allowed! The dancers will be asked to put it in their bags. If you child needs to call home in an emergency, they may step outside of class to make a quick phone call from the office phone. The only exception phones are allowed in the dance rooms is if dancers are recording choreography for rehearsal purposes.
  • Arrive on time and prepared for every class and rehearsal. 4 tardies will result in an absence.
  • Tap shoes are NOT ALLOWED in the lobby. This is for your Safety!
  • All bags/coats/shoes must be kept in the changing room not the hallway.
  • Please be kind and remember other people’s feelings. We are all a TEAM!
  • Saturday rehearsals should be your priority.
  • Follow the dress code.
  • NO giving critiques or comment to other dancers. Remember the teacher is in control of the class, not you.
  • Failure to comply with these rules can result in suspension or removal from routines or company.
  • No food allowed in studios, water only. Food is only to be consumed in the dance lounge (Green room).

Attendance In Technique Classes

  • If you miss more than one technique class, you may make it up on a different evening.
  • Illnesses, homework, and school responsibility will come up. We expect the parent to notify the office when your dancer is going to be absent.
  • School activities for grades, Choir, Orchestra, etc, please notify the office in advance.
  • Missed classes should be made up as soon as possible. These will be tracked through the attendance sheets.
  • Students who have not made up technique classes can be pulled from competition routines.
  • For a make-up class, please select a class that is one level below or above your regular class.

Group Rehearsal Policies

  • Attendance at each rehearsal is critical on Saturdays.
  • If you miss, you will need to know all choreography and changes by the next lesson. Do not come to the next rehearsal and tell your teacher that you do not know the choreography because you were not there the week before. You can always do a private to make up choreography that you have missed, or ask another dancer to help you with choreography that you have missed.
  • Dancers are not allowed to miss any classes or rehearsals 2 weeks prior to any show or competition.
  • Parents are expected to notify the office if your dancer is going to miss a rehearsal.
  • Unexcused and excessive absences will result in removal from routines.
  • A video camera is necessary and encouraged while dancers are learning choreography. One of the only times a cell phone may be allowed into the studio rooms.
  • Dancers are expected to practice and remember choreography.
  • Dancers who fall behind may not be able to continue in their routine.


  • Arrive early! Be ready to dance 1 hour before your scheduled start time.
  • Check in with a staff member once you have arrived. STICK TOGETHER. Please dress together in the dressing room.
  • A teacher will find the group and rehearse prior to the performance. Don’t be a wanderer!
  • No visible piercings except ears. Tattoos must be covered.
  • Be thinking of which side of the stage you enter and exit.
  • There is no playing in the wings, get FOCUSED.
  • All members are required to wear their MDMDP warm up jacket at awards.
  • Dancers are expected to wear their studio jacket and/or other studio wear when they are not performing.
  • We are a TEAM, we need to sit together and cheer for everyone. Tell everyone congratulations and stand up for all first overall winners even if it is not our company!
  • All Plaques/trophies/pins must be turned in AT competition this year. We are bringing a suitcase that all dancers can toss their pins, trophies, and plaques into.
  • All dancers should stop by the judges table after the final awards to thank them. Yes, it is okay to talk to the judges after your awards!

Elite 7 Rules and Responsibilities

  • If you are chosen you are representing the studio.
  • If you miss more than 1 consecutive rehearsal, you must do a private with an MDMDPC Staff member.
  • Negative attitude will NOT be tolerated. This includes: “I can’t and I won’t”.
  • No whining or crying. If we do something on Left or Right and you can only do it on the opposite side, there is no asking to change what we do. You will do as you are choreographed and be professional. If you can’t do something we work on, it is YOUR job to perfect it.
  • This a privilege and luxury, not a necessity for company. Treat it as such.
  • The studio pays entry fees for this routine at competitions and any other events we perform at. The only financial responsibility from the families involved are costume fees.
  • Elite 7 is paid for and operated by the studio. It is the studio’s routine, NOT yours. Any parent or dancer who fights over where they are dancing, what they are doing, what they are wearing, etc, will be released and the next dancer will step into their place. The staff have any and all right to do as they please for the benefit if the routine. Any complaining or whining from parents or dancers will NOT be tolerated.
  • MDMDPC Staff reserves the right to release anyone from the routine who does not follow Elite 7 rules and responsibilities at any time during the dance season.