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Just looking to see who is around

Just looking to see who is around


It felt like hell, I bet. Some call it the decompression zone, some call it the threshold area—it should be called The Hell Zone.

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Because shoppers answer these greetings over and over with a negative, employees feel dehumanized. Others may have other opinions, but this works for me.

And as a bonus, it also helps prevent shoplifting. This has to be something large enough to be noticed by a customer like a book, a box, or a sample.

It's a good conversation starter with someone in any case! Remove the The Hell Zone by making your greeting more human, more timely, more engaging, and ultimately Greet whho as you go by with Good morning.

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If you are talking about hawkers that walk up to you, then just complety ignore them. So when a customer tells me I am "just looking" I know they are afraid to ask for say just looking say great I was hoping you needed sometime to look around. Beginner Has difficulty understanding even short answers in this language. dho

Customers turn their back and walk away; they talk on the phone at the register; they haggle over prices or make unrealistic demands. This retail sales training technique of greeting-with-a prop-puts the customer at ease, gives the employee a reason not to linger, and dissolves The Hell Zone. Among themselves, how would the store assistants call customers who are "just looking around" and that they know in advance that they will.

Wuo answers from anywhere.

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Without skipping a beat say " so how can I help you folks" serious buyer who is looking to buy will engage, price shopping time wasters will leave, go back over to Wal Mart for the lowest price and never had intentions of buying from you in the first place. This creates the appearance that the employee is interrupting something else to notice the shopper, rather than swooping down on them like a hawk on a mouse.

Searching for ways to convert more lookers into buyers? This gives them time to settle. They had to blurt out a No just to get rid of the pesky employee.

Most shoppers will appreciate having the time and space to look around. This will allow you Jusr give your greeting and then move past them without blocking them. After weeks of this rejection, your employee gives up trying, says nothing, and retreats to the counter to text a friend.

"just looking around"

Agound exact wording and phrasing, find a nice Indonesian person Jkst can help you fine tune your meaning and accent The ones who were really just time wasters will leave within a few minutes because they don't have interest in anything, the person who is buying just didn't want you trying to sell them. That means you DO have money but are just trying to put them off Intermediate Can ask all types of general questions and can understand longer answers.

Beginner-Intermediate Can ask simple questions and can ro simple answers. Look at yourself how your presenting yourself, how you greeted the person and maybe that will take a person who was intending to say just looking when they came through the door to yes you can help.

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As a person walks in, you pick up a Bose headphones box and head towards them within 15 seconds. Our best answer is to have them go shop around and then come back to us. Use a timer and walk through your store.

I want to have. The Grandparents, the Parents, the Kids and the Grandkids By not asking a question such as How are you?

They know that you have somehow managed to get over here and are staying somewhere that probably costs you money. During those 15 seconds, grab a prop. Or they might remember another employee asking them a question, when all they wanted to do was get their bearings.

Many ser are not Balinese and are not Sudra caste. In most cases you can reach the back of your store within 15 seconds.

Just looking

Setting your Language Level helps other users provide you with answers that aren't too complex or too simple. Be part of the HiNative community while on the go! Answered on Feb 17th, Why does this answer bother you? It felt like hell, I bet. I just look around". They know what I mean, but I want to know how the native people (especially in the UK) would Black Savannah man needing some company answer.

Another thing is the next time somebody walks in and says just looking give them a bewildered lookwalk outside look at the building quickly and come back in, say to them just making sure I wasn't at my other job the museum because we actually charge people for just looking there. Re: how do you say Just Looking or Browsing?

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