Monthly Tuition and Competition Fees

  • Tuition can be paid monthly if that is your payment method. Monthly tuition is due by the first of the month. Monthly tuition is paid Sept - May.
  • The studio accepts checks (Made to MDM Dance Project), cash, and credit cards. All payments made for tuition, recital, costumes, competitions, conventions, etc are nonrefundable.
  • Competition/Convention Fees must be paid with a check or cash. If you would like these on your credit card a 3% service charge will be added.
  • If you are not doing monthly unlimited payments, your tuition will be due every 9 weeks. This includes your company fee. If you are unsure of your tuition, please see the office.• All accounts must be kept current in order to remain in competition.
  • Student Accounts with the MDMDP Booster Club is used for fundraising and is a great way to put away funds for future expenses

Approximate Competition Fees:

  • Groups: $50 – $65 Per Dancer
  • Duet/Trios: $55 - $80 Per Dancer
  • Solos: $100 - $125 Per Dancer
  • Convention Fees: $100 - $300 Per Dancer

Tuition Payment Schedule

  • Fall classes begin on September 12th 2016.
  • 1st payment due on Registration
  • 2nd payment due Nov. 2nd
  • 3rd Payment due on Jan. 25th
  • 4th payment due on April 11th


Competition and Studio Etiquette and Responsibilities

  • Other than the obvious transportation and financial responsibilities
  • If it doesn’t come from the office then it is just an assumption!
  • Check your email!
  • Remind the dancers to cheer for everyone. Spirit and Sportsmanship.
  • Demonstrate and model good behavior regardless of the outcome.
  • Parents are asked to be in the audience and cheer for all numbers.
  • If you have a complaint or comment about a competition, please come to one of our staff members. It is not appropriate for you to directly confront a staff person of the event. We will handle it the way we see fit.
  • Neither Parents nor Dancers will confront a studio staff member and speak to them in a derogatory or unprofessional attitude, publicly embarrassing the company and staff. This WILL NOT be tolerated and WILL result in immediate removal from the studio. If there are problems, and many will arise, you will schedule a meeting and speak with whomever you have a problem with in a professional manner. Raised voices and disrespectful language will not be tolerated in a child friendly atmosphere such as a competition or the studio. 
  • Dancers must arrive to competition 2 hours before their scheduled time and be dressed with hair and make-up finished 1 hour before you compete or perform. This is their time to warmup, stretch and focus.
  • Most competitions run ahead of schedule!
  • At competition, please try to wait between numbers to get up or sit down. Talk quietly! Give other teams the same respect you would want to be given to your team.
  • When one of us is on the stage, our entire team is on the stage!!!
  • NO Flash photography or video taping during any competition or convention. Our entire team will be disqualified.
  • A time schedule will be provided by the MDMDP office 3-5 days prior to the competition date. Do not trust the schedule on the competition website OR contact the competition directly.
  • Parents are no longer allowed to text or call teachers on a day that a teacher is not at the studio. The teachers have been telling me that they are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of contact parents are having with teachers when they are not at the studio or are on their personal time. I also feel it is invasive to be texting and calling teachers who are in school and work throughout the day or trying to relax and decompress after work. We are all adults and you know how it would feel to be at work or home and your phone is constantly going off with people complaining or trying to talk about class on your personal time. All contact with teachers MUST be in an e-mail with myself cc’d. This will also include myself as I respect and appreciate my private time and are asking you to have the same respect. The teachers and myself are asking that parents to only contact us through text or phone call if it is regarding a private lesson scheduling or a serious emergency, otherwise we will only be responding to e-mails when we are not at the studio.

Miscellaneous Items

  • All dancers are required to purchase the company jacket, Leggings, dance bag, make up, and jewelry. Studio spirit wear is optional.