Private Lessons for Solos, Duets and Trios

  • Choose your choreographer and set up privates and payment through your teacher/ choreographer.
  • Duet and Trio practices will take place on Saturdays with the choreographer/teacher of your choice and is built into the saturday schedule - $10 per dancer a week will be paid to your choreographer/teacher.
  • All dancers should provide their teacher with blank CD’s to rehearse at home with. Please label each before turning them in. All dancers should bring back up of the music to each lesson.
  • Recording is necessary while dancers are learning choreography. Please plan on recording the last 5 minutes of each rehearsal until the dance is complete.
  • Dancers are responsible for bringing your back-up cd to every performance & competition.
  • A reminder that the maximum number of solos is 2 per dancer and duo/trios is 2 per dancer.
  • Please do not enter a classroom while a teacher is instructing to discuss or show your solo, duet, trio costumes. This all needs to be done during your lesson time.

Solo Boot Camp

  • All dancers need to have a composition notebook or a phone to record in where teachers will give their written comments and critiques.
  • Once your solo is finished and choreographed you are NOT required to keep up with your privates, yet you may keep up with them if you chose to do so.
  • Solo boot camp will begin at 5:30 on scheduled Fridays and will consist of a 45 minute conditioning and flexibility class along with working on turns and leaps. Immediately following, each dancer will go into the room one at a time with the teacher privately and perform their solo full out. The teacher will give written comments and critiques in their composition notebooks. After the dancer has shown their solo(s) to the teacher, they are free to leave.
  • Cost of solo boot camp is $10 per week. This will be added into your tuition for monthly or quarterly.
  • Solo boot camp is intended for the dancers to take responsibility for their solos and work on them on their own time or when a studio space is open during the week. As always, they are encouraged to ask questions and strive to be better than they were yesterday.
  • Because of the financial strain that dance can put on a family, Solo boot camp was put in place to help families save money on privates every month and quarter, and encourages your dancer to take responsibility for their own solo and their critiques they receive on Fridays.
  • If the teacher in place on Friday feels that the dancer is falling behind and notices that the dancer is not fixing their critiques, they may be placed back in privates.

Solo, Duet and Trio Costumes

  • Costumes for solos, duos, trios are the responsibility of the dancers. The teacher must approve all costumes. Please discuss your plans in advance.
  • If you have chosen to have your solo/duet/trio costume custom made, plan on each costume ranging in price from $150 - $200.
  • If you are custom making your costume, measurements and designs will be sent in during the month of September. Keep in mind, your costume is being hand made, personally designed for you. You must take very special care of these costumes, as another cannot be ordered from the company. If something happens to your custom made costume, you then must purchase one from of the books we have at the studio. Duplicates of custom costumes cannot be redone.
  • If you are choosing a costume from the books we have, please pick out a costume or two that catches your eye, and we will do our best to put your best foot forward in the costume that best suits you and your choreography.
  • If there is a problem with your costume when it arrives, please understand that with shipping, sometimes they are wrinkled or may not look right. They will need to be fluffed or added on to to get the full and final look. Any parent/child who lashes out at a teacher about a costume fresh out of a box will lose future privileges of custom costumes or even having a solo/duet/or trio. Remember having a solo/duet/or trio is a privilege and any privilege at the studio can and will be taken away from ungrateful company members.