Class Expectations

  • All Studios are CELL PHONE FREE, No Cell Phones allowed! The dancers will be asked to put it in their bags. If you child needs to call home in an emergency, they may step outside of class to make a quick phone call from the office phone. The only exception phones are allowed in the dance rooms is if dancers are recording choreography for rehearsal purposes.

  • Arrive on time and prepared for every class and rehearsal. Four tardies will result in an absence.

  • Tap shoes are NOT ALLOWED in the lobby. This is for your Safety!

  • All bags/coats/shoes must be kept in the changing room not the hallway.

  • Please be kind and remember other people’s feelings.

  • Follow the dress code.

  • NO giving critiques or comment to other dancers. Remember the teacher is in control of the class, not you.

Attendance In Technique Classes

  • If you miss more than one technique class, you may make it up on a different evening.

  • Illnesses, homework, and school responsibility will come up. We expect the parent to notify the office when your dancer is going to be absent.

  • School activities for grades, Choir, Orchestra, etc, please notify the office in advance.

  • Missed classes should be made up as soon as possible. These will be tracked through the attendance sheets.

  • For a make-up class, please select a class that is one level below or above your regular class.

Food & Snacks

  • Food and drink is allowed ONLY in the hallways or dressing rooms. Every dancer is expected to clean up his/her mess before going to class. Microwave/Refrigerator are available to dancers and will be cleaned out weekly.


  • Notify a teacher and Mr. Mark when an injury happens. Most of our teachers are CPR Certified, and trained in dance health and injury and can assess injuries. Injured dancers should still attend ALL classes and rehearsals. A lot can be learned by listening, watching and memorizing any changes in choreography. Once the dancer is healed, it is up to the teacher when and if the dancer can return to class.

Snow Days

  • There will be the possibility of studio closures due to winter weather. If you are not sure if the studio will be open or not, please look for the following:

    1. An e-mail will be sent out

    2. The studio voicemail will be changed

    3. Follow us on Facebook, because it will be on there as well

    4. Classes will be cancelled by 3:00 at the latest

Parent Observation Week

  • Please turn off all cell phones in class and keep the talking to a minimum. If you must take a call, please step into the hallway. You may bring as many family members as you like. keep in mind, there may be many family members in the room so standing or sitting on the floor may be your only option.

Make Up Classes

  • If your child misses their scheduled class, they are more than welcome to make up that missed class by attending the same or lower level class in any style. This can be a great way to find yourself loving another dance style offered at the studio. If you are taking a make up class, please stop by the office or e-mail Mr. Mark and let someone know.

Recital and Picture Information

  • Pictures will be taken on the day your dancer takes their class. Please note that times of pictures may be different from actual times the class meets. It's not the responsibility of the studio to call or remind you. Picture week times and days will be posted and e-mailed to all families prior to picture week.